We drive three value lines into the lives of our clients, their businesses, and their families:
Reduce uncertainty and unknowns that impact personal and professional safety and security. 
Enrich information used to make critical decisions and to confidently action on those decisions.
Increase the leader's ability to focus on the highest and best use of their time using their unique gifts and abilities. 
TRG has been a turnkey risk solution for America's best leaders, families, and businesses since 2005.
Our focus since founding is to (a) deliver extraordinary safety, security, investigation, and rescue services and to (b) raise the tide of readiness for American families and businesses with highly effective and engaging training. 
TRG Leadership has experienced command in "no fail" environments during careers in special operations, intelligence, rescue, and law enforcement. We know the weight of leadership. Yet we were blessed by the company professionals and partners with unmatched talent and incredible skilled who shared our mission. 
We resolve to be for our clients what those men and women were for us. 
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TRG is a proud member of the Dreadnought Holding Company (DHC) fleet of brands. Dreadnought builds and leads companies that position veterans to provide value to the best leaders and companies in America as they transition from service. We distill the hard skills, soft skills, and experiences of veterans into "aim small, miss small" value propositions.


Dreadnought deploys the diverse skills of veterans with highly-disciplined brand management and razor-sharp focus on delivering the service and success that earns the right to go on the next op.