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What We Do

TRG is a trusted advisor to leaders as they consider and plan for risks to their people, property, brand integrity, and profitability. We provide holistic, turn-key solutions throughout the continuum of risk. With an established and proven global network of security and safety professionals - our ability to project power onto problems is significant and been proven for more than 15 years.


Partnering with a select portfolio of clients and operating continually as a trusted advisor is our primary form of engagement. Yet the genesis of those relationships - and our roots - are in dynamic response to unforeseen risk events. We focus deeply on providing significant and measurable speed to solutions and earning trust to advise in the future. 

Operations // Security, Safety, Investigations, & Crisis Response. 

TRG clients enjoy global reach and access to a highly trusted network of proven security, safety, investigation, and crisis response professionals. Often, our partners now were our operational counterparts in our operational careers. The trust and confidence in these relationships is unmatched and results in meaningful efficiencies in both operations and economics. 

Advisory Services // Assessments, COOP Development, Crisis Management

We've worked hard to earn trust "left of boom" and to reduce the probability of risk events through planning and pre-coordination of resources. Leaders must answer the "reasonable and foreseeable risk" question and our currency and insight into the evolving risk landscape ensure they can answer that question well. Hard-earned credibility allows TRG access to global ground-truth that provides accurate information for planning and preparation. 

Personal and Professional Readiness Training

Foundational to any organization's readiness and resilience is the preparedness of its people. We are passionate about encouraging, educating, and equipping individuals, families, and companies for readiness. The COOP and Duty of Care requirements for this are clear, but the benefits of confident and resilient people to an organization go far beyond meeting compliance.

Study after study reveals massively positive performance, promotion, retention, and quality-of-life benefits for organizations that invest in the readiness of their people.  The TRG Team consists of men and women who have enjoyed access to the best training in the world. We season all training with our own experiences and cutting-edge performance science, our ReadyLAB is designed to provide experiential, exciting, and actionable personal and group readiness training. 

As a member of the HighGroundHQ fleet of brands, TRG Coaches can also help positively impact individual and team performance and create unique client appreciation/business development experiences (called EnterTRAINments) via our sister brand, The HoldFast Institute, at the HighGroundHQ.


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