Ready to give (or get) a great Christmas gift?

Grab friends and family (or both) and come to the ReadyLAB for a    2-hour private training session led by decorated military veterans. 

"We built the ReadyLAB to function like a movie studio. We recreate the scenarios you think about and then show you how to become your own hero. Get the same training we received and use the same tools and techniques we used - and still use today."

- Clint Bruce (TRG Founder, Former Navy SEAL & Annapolis grad) 


This safe, fast-paced, and engaging course:

  • Introduces you to the basics of personal defense with a pistol. 

  • Guides you through multiple "courses of fire" in the Ready360 using Simunitions, hyper-realistic training weapons that provide an authentic and safe experience. 

  • Immerses you in "home defense" scenarios in our ReadyHOUSE and introduces you to safe and proven ways to protect yourself and others in your home. 

  • Allows you to train for the scenarios you think about alongside coaches who have faced those same situations. 


Send 2020 off with a bang ... literally.  Lock and load this unique gift now.  

($200/person. We recommend groups of 3-5. Redeemable throughout 2021. For multiple orders and to schedule, please contact Bill Fisher // - 469.847.3117)

NitroCircus at the ReadyLAB

Colion Noir at the ReadyLAB

Got questions? We'd love to hear from you. 
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